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What we do


I love to smile, laugh and connect with people. I cherish photography, art and design. I also love hearing people's stories. So I found a profession that would allow me to be involved within all of those realms on a daily basis while utilizing my business and marketing skills. I also went on a hunt for other passionate and talented creatives. I sought out to create a team that was not only talented in the areas of their expertise but also listened to the client's needs and implemented those needs into a plan of action. Place all of those factors into a formula and you find me, a Creative Brand Consultant and Artist Representative for artists, photographers, creative design based individuals and businesses. My name is Sharonne W. Phan and I am a creative! My amazing team of creatives and I come together to help you do what you do best. With sWp & Co. we become an extension of you.


It's not about me, it's not about us, it's all about you. It sounds so cliché but reigns true. sWp & Co. is about helping individuals and businesses in need of direction or assistance in marketing strategies for brand development. You are your brand, your brand is your image and your image is you. You can't really separate the three. And why try? Through the services we offer we help you find you. We don't change you, we just listen, and then find a way share you with the world. sWp & Co. specializes in working within the Fine Art, Advertisement, Marketing and Editorial industries to better market the photographers, artist and creatives in those areas. We help you connect the artistic and creative elements to the branding and marketing elements in order to produce marketing campaigns in both print and web. We are your eyes, ears, arms and legs! You have the ideas, we help to bring them together.


That cliché that I mentioned is why we do what we do. Creatives and artist are business people too, so why not have agencies and firms that are passionate about helping them? We also find that although businesses are good at what they do best-selling and creating the goods, products and services they sell. Often times they don't have time to do the rest. sWp & Co. provides services in the areas of artist representation, strategic brand consulting, identity development, content development and copywriting services. We offer public relations services, photo editing & photo manipulation services, conduct portfolio consultations and give guidance for process development. Through my team and I helping you, you get to where you want to be, my team puts their creativity and talent to work, I accomplish my goals and dreams, and all of our hearts flutter! Smile!